Mallard Real Estate

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   Wichita, KS 67214


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 'Serving the Wichita Area Since 1989 by Making the Deal With Integrity'  

Mallard Real Estate began as a company in 1989, although most of our agents have had over 20 years of commercial real estate experience.  The easy to remember Mallard name with the duck logo reflects the founders love of nature and the outdoors, thus farm and ranch sales is one of our areas of expertise.  We also specialize in the sale and leasing of all types of commercial and industrial properties, with the sale of investment properties, and we do consulting work.

Being a smaller, more flexible company, we can respond immediately to your inquiries, as we are available at 263-5555 almost anytime, including weekends.  Our usual operation involves your not having to deal with answering machines, or being put "on hold," or waiting for a return phone call---give us a try!

Dennis Schmidt, Founder of Mallard Real Estate